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2021 Annual Conference - What Home Means to Me Poster Contest

a drawing of a family sitting at a dinner table together

Elementary 1st Place

Jayda Lacey (Opp Housing Authority; Opp, AL)

A drawing of a home layout with decorations

Elementary 2nd Place

Annalisa Davis (Starkville HA; Starkville, MS)

a drawing of a pink and purple house with a smiley faced sun in the corner or the page and a rainbow

Elementary 3rd Place

Mariyah’Jay Stephens (Danville RHA; Danville, VA)

a hand holding the world with a rainbow of statements about home coming out like rays from the globe. to the left is a drawing of a 2 story home with hearts floating out of the top which turn  into flowers and butterflys

Middle 1st Place

Kendon Lester (Bristol RHA; Bristol, VA)

a girl in a circle with a rainbow background. The page is devided into 4 sections, one that says love, another that says safe, another that says caring, and a final section that says happy.

Middle 2nd Place

Monika Sackett (Harrisonburg HA; Harrisonburg, VA)

A tree where the trunk includes a home with words of encouragement on the leaves of the tree.

Middle 3rdPlace

Shakita Hatcher (Greater Gasden HA; Gasden, AL)

4 scenes of families and a houses with flowers and a female figure in the middle

High School 1st Place

Braxton Garrett (Bristol RHA; Bristol, VA )

a family hugging in the shape of a heart with a background of puzzle pieces with uplifting words written on them

High School 2nd Place

Jaliyah Ewing (Starkville HA; Starkville, MS)

a brick wall with various holes cut in it with scenes from throughout the year, first day of school, Christmas, 4th of July, birthdays, and graduations. There there is a hole in the center that features a family photo

High School 3rdPlace

Alaysia McLeod (Greensboro HA; Greensboro, NC)